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Wealth is a choice.


What separates the haves and the have-nots often comes down to ethos, the attitude that visualizes either a world of opportunities or an island of scarcity. Many of today's über-rich did not start off with a silver spoon in their mouths ; rather, they sought to own the farm instead of chasing the carrot that tantalized so many of their families, friends, and neighbors.


Wealth accumulation in the stock market operates under the same principle. The stocks are the carrots, Wall Street is the carrot-dangler, and the Fed is the farmer. Retail investors (ie. you) love chasing carrots, throwing away hard-earned money pursuing someone else's dream. Sometimes, you'll get a bite, but only enough to keep you running back for more.


At Contango Down, we don't chase carrots! Why pay exorbitant fees and dues for farm-hands that are merely serving the interests (and biases) of the farmer? In fact, many Wall Street analysts fail to see the enormous risks that they are leveraged towards and have few hedging strategies to profitably navigate downturns and bear markets.


Don't feed the bull! There are no such concepts as good and bad markets : only profitable or not-profitable investments, and most of this boils down to which side of the trade you chose.


Choose to win.



Without Borders, Beyond Convention...

Straight Talk about the Global Economy : S&P 500, Nikkei 225, the Euro and Inflation

We sit down to discuss a variety of subjects, including the direction of the U.S. equities sector (S&P 500), the significance of the 10-year yields (bond market), volatility in Japan with the correction in the Nikkei 225 index, the rising Euro currency and opportunities across the Atlantic, the ever-present fear of inflation and the Federal Reserve, and finally, some positives to look forward to in terms of Canon, ticker symbol CAJ, and the ultimate precious metal, PALLADIUM!

Our Products & Services

We believe that there is a method to the seeming madness in today's financial marketplace and therefore, we are strong proponents of technical analysis. Rather than relying on pundits' opinions or cute stories, we dig deep into algorithms, oscillators, cyclical patterns, and price actions to successfully find trends and profitable trades.


Every week on our site, we provide technical analysis covering a wide variety of subjects, from global equities to major currencies. We place a particular emphasis on "alternative" investment vehicles such as gold and silver bullion, but unlike many other financial websites, we do not focus solely on any one sector. The new economy requires agility and diversification and we are constantly on the lookout for future opportunities.


For those who are serious about making money in the financial arena, please consider signing up for our premium membership. In addition to technical analysis, we apply our proprietary probability model to identify potential price AND time targets, which helps warn our subscribers of important moves well before they occur.


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What's the Deal with Investment Websites?

  • All of them promise wealth and grandeur but most are vague on how to get there
  • One site promises timely research & analysis ... as opposed to untimely, random stock picks?
  • Others just analyze specific assets, ignoring approximately 9,000 stocks traded in the US market
  • Some are too granular, causing "paralysis by analysis"
  • Others have political or religious agendas, one of the most dangerous detriments to investing
  • "Doom and Gloom" ... pointless and irrelevant


How We Are Different

Many would-be investors are already aware of the downside consequences of blindly trusting mainstream financial wizards and gurus: after all, these were the insightful geniuses that emphatically stated that the housing boom and the stock market rally would continue to blossom indefinitely, credit default swaps be damned! We're all familiar with the consequences of their hubris, yet only a few short years after the worst financial collapse in modern history, many pundits are talking of an impending renaissance of economic growth.


Those that have not succumbed to the crack-pipe urged alternative forms of wealth protection, namely gold (and silver) bullion. Yet even in this sector, there are significant dangers: while physical precious metals do not have any counter party risk, the problem is that they are still commodities and therefore, subject to market volatility. Many people have been burnt because "gold bugs" rarely use technical analysis and instead rely on conspiratorial fundamentals.


There is a middle approach!


At, we believe in the following principles:


#1 We consult the technicals first! Technical analysis is the real-time incarnation of market fundamentals. And if the technicals look bad, we won't trade: simple as that! While others recommend "buying on the dips," we won't do so unless there are indicators to suggest a turning of momentum. Otherwise, "BOTFD" makes a dumb position dumber.


#2 We open opportunities, not limit them! Many in the alternative investment community espouse only three basic expenditures: gold, guns and food. We are in the business of wealth accumulation, not building doomsday bunkers. Rather than buying the aforementioned items, we would instead consider investing in companies that sell these products to an obviously ravenous consumer category!


#3 There is a time for every investment! Bull markets come and bull markets fade, but the pursuit of profits remain the same. There is an inherent danger being tied down to a particular asset or industry because everything operates on cycles. No trend lasts forever and that is why it is important to not hold onto dated conventions.


Unlike some companies whose opinions are bought and paid for, we are fully vested in the trends we call. If we state that equities are due for a hard pullback, you will not find us buying call options. More so than any monetary reward, we value reputation first. We'd like to be your partners not just for a single trade but for many years to come! We invite you to take advantage of the resources we offer and for those ready to take their investments further, please consider our premium membership!

About Us

Learn more about us and meet our dedicated staff members. We're looking forward to serving you!


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At Contango Down, we provide the information that a financial or pension consultant ought to be giving you: many in the financial consultation industry have a vested interest in allocating your hard-earned money in particular asset vehicles which may not be aligned with your interest. At the very least, many consultants suffer from a normalcy bias through years of indoctrination, otherwise known as higher education. Academic institutions themselves are "bought and paid for," thereby creating thousands of mainstream minions that often have a very limited scope of understanding.


Such limitations have led to catastrophic missteps, such as the real estate bubble or the financial collapse of 2008 which left millions of Americans, particularly the pensioners and the retirees, devastated from the aftershock of collective greed and ignorance. Alarmingly, we find the same mistakes being repeated once again! However, the misfortune of the many can be the reward of the few: when positioned properly, those in the know can stand to benefit from the coming wealth transfer, both in the commodities sector as well as the equities.


We offer the best in technical, cyclical and fundamental analysis with a keen focus on growth opportunities in supply constrained resources as well as global and domestic stocks.


Track Trade and Win with!

The information provided within and its staff members should NOT be construed as investment advice. While we have a dedicated team that works tirelessly to mitigate the effects of volatility from the markets, no investment vehicle is completely free from risk. When investing in any market, you risk losing your entire principle and possibly more. Always consult your certified financial advisor and perform due diligence before initiating any positions.

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Investing in today's market can be a daunting task: that's why we're here to help! Let us take away much of the uncertainty by forewarning you of risk and reward factors through our proprietary probability model, which incorporates both technical and cyclical analysis at an extremely competitive price!


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